Ahmad Abdel-Hameed (madarab) wrote,
Ahmad Abdel-Hameed

What Dreams May Come

The Singularity had happened. I was still in the army. I had been ordered to find ways to apply the new technology to military purposes. I walked in on this family. I knew that they despised me for being in the army and still following the old ways. I walked through their house which they kept unlocked because no one need fear any more. I knew that even if I trashed the place they'd be able to fix it with trivial effort. I went out back where I knew a family of foxes nested and some earthworms lived. I wanted to find natural responses to military situations. The brush where they had lived had been cut back. I went back to the people who lived there to confront them about having trimmed their wild growth. I found them, two women and a man, sitting in their driveway cleaning and repairing old car parts. One of the women was arguing with the other; saying that the car was a piece of trash and should just be junked. The other woman said that the car had sentimental value. The car was something that her ex-husband had made her buy so that she could work and he wouldn't have to. She complained about how lazy and worthless her ex was. I told her that everything had changed and that she should let go of her old anger towards him. I realized that I had changed too. I wasn't going to wear the uniform or take orders anymore.

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